The Japan Society of Vacuum and Surface Science
I S S N : 1348-0391

Section 1: Theoretical approaches to surface- and nano-structures and properties

Section 2: Dynamical phenomena at surfaces

Section 3: Atomic-scale controlled surfaces, thin films, and nanostructures

Section 4: Nano materials (nano-tubes, nanowires, nanoparticles, nano-dots, etc.)

Section 5: Self-assembly and self-organizatoin for nanostructure formation and characterization

Section 6: Micro/nano-fabrications for device applications: ULSI fabrication processes, electronic, magnetic and optical devices

Section 7: Device applications of bio, metal, ceramics and hybrid, and organic films

Section 8: Characterization of novel surface/interface- and nano-structures

Section 9: Tools and standards for micro/nano analysis

Section 10: Colloidal chemistry and nano chemistry (supramolecules, biomaterials, and membrane)

Section 11: Surface chemistry and catalysis

Section 12: Photocheical reactions at surfaces

Section 13: Biological applications of nanotech. and surface science