The Japan Society of Vacuum and Surface Science
I S S N : 1348-0391

Aims and Scope

Our completely electronic and open-access journal aims at quick and versatile-style publication of research papers on fundamental theory and experiments at frontiers of science and technology relating to surfaces, interfaces, thin films, fine particles, nanowires, nanotubes, and other nanometer-scale structures, and their interdisciplinary areas such as crystal growth, vacuum technology, and so on. It covers their physics, chemistry, biology, materials science, and their applications to advanced technology for computations, communications, memory, catalysis, sensors, biological and medical purposes, energy and environmental problems, and so on.

Journal's Feature

Completely Electronic and Open-access Journal

▶ All processes from the manuscript submission to publication are done online using ScholarOne ManuscriptTM and J-STAGE.
▶ Operated on J-STAGE of Japan Science and Technology Agency, ensuring stable and permanent publication.
: Anyone around the world can download full-text PDF files free of charge.
▶ Articles are indexed in the majour bibliographic databases and can be searched by search engines such as Crossref , PubMed , Google Scholar , and so on.
▶ Refereces cited in the article are linked to the data indexed in Crossref, PubMed, and CAS .
▶ You can add movies and animations as Electronic Appendix.
▶ No page limitation except for Superexpress Letters.

High quality and international prestige

▶ All manuscripts are reviewed quickly by our referees with international standards.

Article processing charge (APC)

▶ Superexpress Letter: JPY 10,000
▶ All other papers prepared by Latex: JPY 5,000
▶ All other papers prepared by Microsoft Word or other word processors: JPY 10,000

An invoice will be sent to the corresponding author after publication.

Paper Category

Superexpress Letters

▶ Short reports that should be urgently published.
Less than 3 journal pages including figures.
▶ Appear on Web in 4 working days after submission if accepted as it is.
▶ In the cover letter, the authors should describe the novelty and significance of the work that deserve the priority handling of Superexress Letters. Unless persuasive description is provided, the Editor-in-Chief may return the manuscript without further review.

Review Papers

▶ Topical reviews about hot issues recently discussed and debated in papers or conferences.
▶ Reviews about series of research works in particular research groups, together with related works from other groups.
▶ Comprehensive and text-book-style review articles of particular fields.
▶ No length limitation.
▶ Review papers are invited by editors or can be submitted by anyone.

Regular Papers

▶ Reports of original research works.
▶ No length limitation.

Technical Notes

▶ Reports of important advances and developments in experimental apparatus and techniques.
▶ No length limitation.

Conference Papers

▶ Conference contributions including original works and review papers.
▶ A short version or a summary of the already published paper is not allowed.
▶ Papers are piled up individually in the respective Proceeding pages, and appear on the Web after the proofreading.

Offprint Order

▶ Authors are able to order an article offprint anytime before or after publication.
▶ The offprint is provided in high-quality paper with a journal cover (a sample of the offprint).
▶ The price depends on the numbers of the copies and the artile pages. Please examine the price chart.
▶ The authors are asked to order at least 50 copies.
▶ Download an offprint order form and send a filled one back to the editorial office.

Importance Notice

e-JSSNT will respond harshly to any violation of the contemporary codes of publication ethics. We will decide how to treat such violation referring to, e.g., guidelines and flowcharts proposed by Committee on Publication Ethics (https://publicationethics.org/resources).

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