The Japan Society of Vacuum and Surface Science
I S S N : 1348-0391

International Symposium on Surface Science and Nanotechnolgoy

ISSS-8 (Oct. 22-26, 2017, Tsukuba, Japan)
ISSS-7 (Nov. 2-6, 2014, Matsue, Japan)
ISSS-6 (Dec. 11-15, 2011, Tokyo, Japan)
ISSS-5 (Nov. 10-13, 2008, Tokyo, Japan)
ISSS-4 (Nov. 14-17, 2005, Omiya, Japan)

International Symposium on Atomic Level Characterization for New Materials and Devices

ALC'17 (Dec. 3-8, 2017, Hawaii, USA)
ALC'15 (Oct. 25-30, 2015, Matsue, Japan)
ALC'13 (Dec. 2-6, 2013, Hawaii, USA)
ALC'11 (May 22-27, 2011, Seoul, Korea)
ALC'09 (Dec. 6-11, 2009, Hawaii, USA)
ALC'07 (Oct. 28-Nov. 2, 2007, Kanazawa, Japan)
ALC'05 (Dec. 4-9, 2005, Hawaii, USA)
ALC'03 (Oct. 5-10, 2003, Hawaii, USA)

International Conference on Atomically Controlled Surfaces, Interfaces and Nanostructures

ACSIN-12 & ICSPM21 (Nov. 4-8, 2013, Tsukuba, Japan)
ACSIN-10 (Sep. 21-25, 2009, Granada, Spain)

The Japan-Russia Seminar on Semiconductor Surfaces

JRSSS-8 (Oct. 19-23, 2008, Sendai, Japan)
JRSSS-7 (Sep. 18-20, 2006, Vladivostok, Russia)
JRSSS-6 (Oct. 10-17, 2004, Toyama, Russia)

Handai Nanoscience and Nanotechnology International Symposium

Handai Nano 2007 (Sep. 26-28, 2007, Osaka, Japan)
Handai Nano 2006 (Nov. 20-22, 2006, Osaka, Japan)

Others Proceedings

2016: Asian Conference on Nanoscience & Nanotechnology (Sapporo, Japan)
2014: 15th Chitose International Forum on Photonics Science & Technology (Hokkaido, Japan)
2012: XAFS Theory Workshop: XAFS Theory and Nano Particles (Chiba, Japan)
2012: The 16th International Conference on Solid Films and Surfaces (Genoa, Italy)
2010: Workshop on Atomic Resolution Holography (Sendai, Japan)
2010: 6th International Workshop on Nano-Scale Spectroscopy and Nanotechnology (Kobe, Japan)
2010: 13th International Conference on Non-Contact Atomic Force Microscopy (Kanazawa, Japan)
2010: A3 Foresight Program on Sub-10 nm Wires; New Physics and Chemistry (Tokyo, Japan)
2009: International Workshop on Advanced Materials and Nanotechnology 2009 (Hanoi, Vietnam)
2008: The 14th International Conference on Solid Films and Surfaces (Dublin, Ireland)
2005: International Symposium on Molecule-Based Information Transmission and Reception (Okazaki, Japan)
2004: International Symposium on Nano-Organization and Function (Tokyo, Japan)
2003: International Workshop on Smart Interconnects (Atami, Japan)

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